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Property Management

We lead as property managers  of single houses and or condominium apartments in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and South Etobicoke, for owners and investors that may be residents, temporally or permanently out of the country, hence classified as Non-Residents, we also deal with those that are not  Canadian Citizens

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Owning properties has proven to be more lucrative than any other investments. If you have the time to devote, to locate and select not just the right property but also the right tenant and manage both the tenant and the property, you are on your way to be wealthy; a well rented property will produce a great cash flow and a great capital gain.


We are a property management company that effectively offers a complete " Hands On, Stress Free" program. Our  “Hands On” Management Style allows the owner to be "Stress Free"; we understands that the most important thing when investing in real estate properties is to insure the tenant has pride and understands its responsibilities. It seems a simple task but many factors come into play: from interviewing the tenant to checking its back ground, plus we handle the day to day affair of maintaining the property, the tenant and to insure your purchase will give you the return you were looking for. We bring over 25 years of experience, on how to deal with the maintenance of the property and how to insure the tenant stays longer and mostly on how to enlarge painlessly your real estate portfolio and best on how to sale a rented property.

We have several programs from guaranteeing the tenant to guarantee the rental income… yes, never miss a single rental amount, we have this program, plus we do all of the following

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  • Design a Program to fit the individual's need ...ask us about our Guarantee Rent Plan
  • Market the property... An effective program driven by innovative advertising until the property is rented
  • Interview and Check potential Tenants
  • Check Work and Credit Curriculum
  • Prepare the contracts
  • Collect the rents
  • Deposit funds in the Landlord's account
  • Provide monthly cash flow report
  • Provide a year end reconciliation
  • Consult the Landlord on Acquisition, Sales and financial requirements
  • Consult the Landlord on the "The Residential Tenancies Act"
  • Establish a maintenance program for the property
  • Arrange all Inspections
  • Contract and pay trades people for possible repairs or maintenance
  • Pay all accounts including mortgage, taxes and insurance.
  • File all Government required forms
  • Prepare and issue the Non Resident Undertaking and Proper T forms
  • On line communication 24hrs/7days

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One important role of a "Property Management" is that of liaison between the owners and the actual tenant which provides a buffer for those owners who wish to distance themselves from their tenants. There are many facets to this profession, including managing the accounts and finances of the real estate properties, contracting and keeping an account of contractors and insurance agencies. Special attention is given to Residential Tenancy Act and Municipal By-Laws to understand the rights of tenants as well as those of  landlords: this helps us to avoid evictions, non-payment, harassment and public nuisance, while insuring that the landlord has a piece of mind and the tenant enjoys his place.

When thinking of Property Management we have the answers.


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